About Us
    S.C. Turnǎtorie Iberica S.R.L. is a limited liability society dedicated to the serial production of aluminium and zamac die casted parts according customers orders and requirements.

    The company was founded in 2005 with a share capital of 10695.26 EUR.

    It currently has 120 employees and a turnover of 8 943 049 Euro, exporting 85% of its production.

    S.C. Turnǎtorie Iberica S.R.L. shares its production between the automotive and the white line appliances sectors.

   Quality non-ferrous castings are the core of our business. We combine age old sand casting techniques with modern foundry equipment to produce a high strength and durable product.

Premises and Equipments

  -  9700 m2 of industrial premises
  -  12 die casting production cells
  -  Injection machines ranging from 400 Tn. to 850Tn
  -  2 melting ovens of 1.500 Tn
  -  2 melting oven of 800 Tn
  -  Sandblasting, polishing, deburring systems and tumbling machines
  -  Machining workshop
  -  Quality laboratory  (Xray unit, 3D Dea tridimensional machine - 2 units; SPC Methodology for
          testing and control, spark emission spectrometer)
  -  Equipments and general facilities maintenance workshop
  -  Tools maintenance workshop
  -  Machining workshop
  -  Warehouse
      Types of Injection Machines:

  -  IDRA 400
  -  IDRA 420  
  -  IDRA 420
  -  PRETRANSA 500
  -  STP 500
  -  STP  500
  - STP 500
  -  IDRA 560
  -  STP 620
  -  BUHLER 660
  -  IDRA 700
  -  STP 850

    Castings can be shipped from the foundry or machined and finished to your specifications.   
    Our fully automated foundry will enhance our ability to provide quality castings at areasonable price.

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